Holiday Outdoor Light-Hanging Tips

Many special holidays are just around the corner, so you may be thinking of getting started on  your home decor for Christmas or Halloween. As Christmas is considered one of the most wonderful moments of the year, there are multiple ways you can decorate your home to make it shine and catch the attention of your neighbors and anyone passing by.

In this case, lights provide that genuine feeling of the season, so you might be thinking of installing your light display and pop your home’s appearance this upcoming season! Let’s take a look at many important details to consider when planning your holiday outdoor light-hanging process. 

Let’s Begin With The Planning Process 

During the planning process, it is recommended to focus on different aspects, such as the lighting design that you’re looking for, to guide yourself – instead of hanging your lights randomly. Before hanging the lights, choosing a focal point and studying the surfaces where you hang them is important. 

It’s recommended to check your gutter thickness and shingle flexibility to guide you on how to hang lights along the roofline in the best possible way. Also, don’t forget to take measurements to know how many strands will be needed. 

Choose The Right Lights

To have a successful light-hanging project, prepare your lights first. Read about the specifications, length, and use to work outdoors. Choose the right color, remember not all white lights look the same. For example, LEDs have a bluish tone, and incandescent bulbs are slightly orange. 

Outdoor Light-Hanging Process

Before starting the light-hanging process, test your lights on the ground! Avoid testing your lights once you’re about to hang them or on top of a ladder. Now follow these steps!

Step 1- Lights Attachment Process To Roofline

Using an all-purpose light clip is the best way to attach your light strands to your gutters, as it works with any light. If you’re not able to attach them to your gutter system, you can also use the same clip to attach them to the shingles.

Step 2- Lights Attachment Process To Trees

If your holiday light scenery includes trees and bushes, using a light hanging pole would be the best option to attach them. 

Step 3- Outdoor Timer

Have the peace of mind that your lights will automatically turn off at some time during the night. The best option for this is an outdoor timer in which your lights will be plugged. There are many timers, including light sensors.

Great Ideas For Holiday Outdoor Light-Hanging 

  • Around door frames and other architectural structures
  • Along rooflines
  • Inside planters 
  • Trees or bushes 
  • Along pathways and driveways

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During the installation process, if you notice a problem or some damage to be fixed before your light-hanging project, you should contact a professional roofing company in Billings, MT. At Lobo Construction, we are more than proud to serve homeowners in Billings, MT, with the highest quality roofing solutions. 

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