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Free Roof Inspections in Billings, MT

Having a well-maintained roof system in your property will provide you with multiple benefits, such as added value to your property and improved safety for your property’s environment. The best way to achieve those multiple benefits is by detecting any problem on time before it becomes irreversible damage.

At Lobo Construction, we are proud to serve high-quality free roof inspections in Montana to help you stop any damage before it starts. We know how to detect even the minimal damage in your residential or commercial roof to keep your property’s environment and valuable assets away from any risk every year, all year round. 


We Don’t Miss Anything; We Have an Eye For Inspections

Our professional team at Lobo Construction has the expertise and professionalism that allow us to detect even the smallest crack in your roof. Our Lobo Construction free roof inspections in Montana will extend your roof’s lifespan and always keep you protected from any risky situation. 

At Lobo Construction, our no-obligation-free roof inspections will help you prevent and stop any damage before it starts. We will ensure your and your property’s protection, as well as helping you stay away from costly roof repairs. 

Benefits You Get With Us

There are multiple reasons and benefits that roof inspections bring along. Some benefits you can get with us and our free roof inspections in Montana include:

  • Ensure proper drainage
  • Detect leaks
  • Expose potential risks
  • Give you peace of mind
  • Extend your roof’s lifespan
  • Prevent costly repairs

Take The First Step With Superior Free Roof Inspections in Billings, Montana

There is never a bad time to schedule a roof inspection. When you’re dealing with a professional and experienced roofing company such as Lobo Construction in Billings, Montana, besides the multiple benefits of our free roof inspections, you will have the peace of mind you want. 

Whether during the fall, spring, upcoming winter season, or after any major natural disaster, having a professional and reliable company to handle your roofing needs and roof inspection is the right thing to do to ensure your family’s safety.


Where is Lobo Construction located?
How much are estimates?

We offer free, no obligation estimates that include a visual inspection of your roof, comprehensive list of items that need repair, and photos. 

Is there a deposit or down payment required?

If we are working in your behalf on an insurance claim, we usually only need your deductible amount to get started.

Fo other roofing jobs, it depends on the size and scope of the project.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, card payments and bank transfers.

Are you licensed and insured?

Lobo Construction is licensed by both the State of Idaho and the State of Montana as a general contractor, and we are insured.

Which Products do you use?

Primarily we use Malarkey Roofing Products because of their quality and durability over time. They offer a variety of warranties to match just what you need.