5 Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options

Over time, more people are trying to live and adapt to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. To achieve this, besides the multiple ways to reduce and recycle for getting off to a great start, many homeowners are opting and choosing more eco-friendly initiatives when it comes to their whole home environment.

Whether it is low-flow toilets to reduce water consumption or low energy consumption bulbs, there are even many multiple options for your home to get it into the eco-friendly side. One of them is eco-friendly roofing options when planning your roof installation project or if you’re turning toward the eco-living side. Let’s take a look at these options out in the market.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are a durable and great option among eco-friendly roofing materials. These shingles can have over 20 years of longevity and are made up of recycled wood which also allows them to be recycled once it comes the time for roof replacement.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are great and durable eco-friendly roofing options. These are mainly known for their durability and ability to reflect heat when it comes to sunny places. It is also a completely recyclable roofing material that would result in a successful roof installation. It also helps reduce electricity bills due to its insulating benefits. 

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are considered one of the best options when it comes to durability and environmentally-friendly roofing materials. This is made of recycled metal and can be recycled again after its durability period.

Metal roofs are a great way to reduce energy consumption. Also, multiple metal roofing systems can even be installed over existing shingles. 

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are a great option to reflect heat and reduce energy consumption. This eco-friendly roofing material is the fastest-growing segment in the roofing industry. It is made of glue and gravel, causing the sun’s rays to reflect. 

Solar Roofing Materials

Besides the different eco-friendly roofing materials out in the industry, solar cells, best known as integrated photovoltaic technology, are one of the most expensive. The small solar cells can be integrated into metal or shingle roofing materials and provide a home a reduction in e energy costs, as its source of electricity is solar. 

Get Assistance From Professional Roofing Contractors in Billings, MT

When looking for the right eco-friendly roofing material to fit your home architectural structure and roofing needs, the best way is by having professional and reliable roofing contractors in Billings, MT, guide you and handle your next roof installation project the right way. 

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